Submit the form for a projected cash and credit value offer! We will give you a value estimate range based on the condition you have submitted

Trade-in participants may receive funds via check, PayPal or GolfRoots Store Credit Choose the payment option that works best for you. GolfRoots will purchase the shipping label on your behalf, the cost will be deducted from your trade-in value.

We have two payment options:

Ship us the clubs, and once they arrive and are reviewed, we will send you a gift card code for your credit.


We buy your clubs from you via PayPal (at a 10% value deduction), at the same time as you buy new clubs from us. In order to exercise the latter option, accurate photos must be provided to trade@golfroots@com

If you don't like our final offer, GolfRoots will ship back your clubs at your expense, so please respond to the form below truthfully. Golf is a game of honor!

Clubs submitted for trade-in must be in perfect working order. Clubs with any of the following characteristics will NOT be accepted:

         - Clubs that rattle or have dented club heads
         - Clubs with rusted heads or shaft
         - Counterfeit or Stolen Clubs
         - Any non-factory alterations (besides grips)
         -Clubs that are stamped or engraved will automatically receive lower trade-in value

 Clubs with the following characteristics may be accepted, sometimes with a deduction:

         - Non-factory installed shafts

 GolfRoots reserves the right to refuse ANY club deemed unacceptable.

 Iron sets must consist of at least 5 clubs (we will accept non-consecutive irons, but with a deduction in value)