Who are we?

GolfRoots is a one-stop-shop for golfers of all levels. Above all else, we seek to break down barriers to entry into the game by selling affordable clubs and sets and by connecting golfers with instructors and courses. Our founder is a passionate golfer. He loves how the game allows him to both disconnect from the stresses of the world, and to reconnect with community. He saw amongst peers an increasing interest in picking up golf, yet many did not have access to hand-me-down clubs, the desire to spend on new clubs, or the knowledge to get into this complex sport. What began as a hobby, collecting and selling used clubs for friends and neighbors, turned into the thriving company you see today: GolfRoots!

How are we different?

We offer personal interactions from start to finish. Our Just The Roots Set or JTR is THE most affordable starter set in the entire golf industry. All club purchases from GolfRoots come with a free 15 minute lesson from one of our Teaching Partners. We offer high end clubs at exceptional prices for the experienced and novice golfer alike, with personalized service to help you arrive at the best clubs for you. GolfRoots also has industry leading fast shipping and a 60 day free return policy. GolfRoots is more than a company, it is a community. Join us and get swinging!