Common Questions about trade ins

Trade-in unwanted golf clubs for pro shop credit. You can bring your clubs during the Trade-In Day for a live appraisal!

Back to the GolfRoots HQ in Dallas. Most clubs will be used to build our unique full sets, which make golf more accessible and affordable to more people.

We are an online golf store, whose mission is to break down barriers to entry into the game by selling affordable pre-owned clubs and sets to everyone from the first-time golfer looking for a set, to the single digit handicapper looking for a new wedge!

Values are based on market standards for the age, condition, and clubs.

Not at this time.


Clean clubs receive higher values. Please also remove stickers if they have your name and phone number on them!

Your pro shop can give specific details, but in most cases, it will show up two weeks after the event.

It depends on the clubs, but in many cases, you would be surprised by what we give credit for, so it doesn’t hurt to bring them!