The Tour Ball You Should be Playing, But Are Too Afraid to Try

The Tour Ball You Should be Playing, But Are Too Afraid to Try

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Sniper Tour Red Golf Ball

Distance! Distance! Distance! Distance!

Well let me start this blog off by saying that I am no PGA pro, nor am I anywhere remotely close to playing at any amateur level event. My name is Austin Zaharoff, I’m a 7 handicap, I live in Peachtree City, Georgia but I am moving to Sheppard Air Force Base for pilot training.

When my former college teammate, Ben Stromberg (Founder of GolfRoots), came to me with some golf balls and asked me to write this blog, I had no idea what to expect. Was I going to receive something like Top Flite golf balls from the 90’s or will I be receiving a ball similar to the Pro V1. The balls I received from Sniper were their Tour Red golf balls meant for players with Driver clubhead speeds above 105MPH, my driver swing speed sticks around 117mph for my stock course shots. Now like many of you, we’re dealing with the difficulties of winter golf: Cold and windy weather, very soggy fairways with low ball roll, and worst of all decreased shot distances. That being said, I used the Flightscope Mevo + in my basement hitting the golf balls with a PING i59 7 iron at 34 degrees of loft.

And all I can say about this ball is WOW!

For only $39.99/dozen these balls are neck-and-neck with the main brand competitors like Callaway. When I put these Tour Red balls against the Callaway Chrome Soft Max LS. Using Sniper’s 2021 and 2022 models I got these average distances from 10 shots a piece. 2021 average: 187.8 yards carry and the 2022 average: 186.8 yards carry. Both balls performed excellently and though the average is 1 yard less for the 2022 ball, I had longer hits with it than the 2021 model, but 1or 2 more miss-hits. The Callaway competitor priced at $49.99, had an average of 187.9 yards carry from 10 shots.

Again, I am just a measly 7 handicap, so I am not here to give a professional opinion, but from my testing, the Sniper Tour Red performed almost exactly the same as the Chrome Soft Max LS in every category from carry, spin, and any other parameter shown by the launch monitor.

For putting the ball felt great, firm, but by no means felt like hitting a rock with the putter. The ball came off the face of my Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 with a lot of energy and had a great “tock” sound when you putted with it.

For my final opinion: This Sniper Tour Red golf ball priced at $39.99, is a great alternative to the Callaway Chrome Soft Max LS or even the Pro V1x Left Dash. The Sniper ball felt great off the face, had low spin, and had a very straight flight. I would absolutely recommend this golf ball to anybody with a swing speed over 105mph or their Tour blue for anybody with less than a 105mpg swing speed.